Mercedes S-Class 2014: First Official Pictures

Friday, May 24th, 2013 - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes S Class 2014 First Official Pictures Mercedes S Class 2014: First Official PicturesMercedes S-Class 2014: First Official Pictures. So after weeks of anticipation, finally the first pictures of the all-new Mercedes S-Class modelyear 2014 become available as the car gets ready to be formally unveiled at the Airbus A380 delivery lounge. The car does look good here, especially in the V8 guise with sports bumpers and large wheels, but then press pictures always look good. We have to wait and see it out in the real world. The 2014 Mercedes S-Class comes with a whole host of new, industry-first safety and convenience technologies, and a range of great powertrains. We will bring you all the technical details of the car soon. But in the meantime, let’s just look at these pictures and drink in the shape:

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